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The Batman’s Zoe Kravitz Shows Off Catwoman’s Costume in Clearest Photo Yet

A new photo provides audiences with the clearest look yet at star Zoë Kravitz in costume as Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

By Narayan Liu.

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The Batman director Matt Reeves recently provided audiences with the clearest look yet at actor Zoë Kravitz in costume as Catwoman.

Reeves posted three different covers for an upcoming issue of Empire Magazine, featuring both Robert Pattinson as the titular Dark Knight and Kravitz as the feline antihero, Catwoman. While she has appeared briefly in trailers and the like, viewers have not been given as clear a look at her entire costume, though the upcoming cover photo does not include the mask.

While this is certainly the clearest look, this is not the first time audiences have been shown the costume’s design. Cover art by artist Jenny Frison for Catwoman #41 (written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Nico Leon), was directly inspired by Reeves’ upcoming film and adhered closely to the costume audiences will see in The Batman, complete with the mask.

Kravitz has discussed the role in the past, explaining that she wanted to take the perception of Catwoman into consideration and avoid issues that past depictions have experienced. She stated, “I’ve read some of the comics now, but I wasn’t a comic head or anything.” She added, “I also tried to think about [the role] not as Catwoman, but as a woman, how does this make me feel? How are we approaching this and how are we making sure we’re not fetishizing or creating a stereotype? I knew it needed to be a real person.”

The actor has also talked about some of the physical difficulties attached to playing Catwoman, with regard to training during the ongoing pandemic. “To spend a year of your life, and it’s very physically demanding… I had to be in very specific shape, and there’s a pandemic going on,” Kravitz said. “I’m being zipped into a catsuit every day at 7 am, working 12-hour days, and then coming home and working out. It was intense.”

Catwoman will appear alongside a number of other villains from Batman’s rogues gallery, including Penguin and The Riddler, who will be The Batman‘s main antagonist. Recently released trailers and images have also led some fans to believe that the upcoming film may feature the Joker, Batman’s most iconic nemesis. Fueling the speculation are recent reports suggesting that there are two cuts of The Batman, one of which excludes an actor. It is currently unknown who this actor might be, though it is believed to be actor Barry Keoghan, whose brother seemingly revealed online that the Eternals star will play the Clown Prince of Crime.

March 4, 2022.

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